Keep Everyone Rich, Happy, &Young

Presale stage 1 end in :

Sold - 5,533,670
Target - 933,333,330

What is Kerhy?

Kerhy is a Blockchain Gaming Platform offering a wide range of P2E Games and P2E Minigames for
gamers and crypto fanatics around the world. Kerhy has partnered with Unity, a reputable blockchain
gaming development company to develop our various ERC-20 powered P2E Games. Currently, 53% of
the 1,000 top-grossing mobile games globally are powered by Unity. P2E Games will include level-based
adventure games, multiplayer card games, single-player strategy games, and much more! Our first game
is already in development and will be available to play on Android and iOS after our public launch. 

Why ‘KERHY’?

KERHY stands for Keep Everyone Rich, Happy, and Young; an acronym reflecting the team’s values and mission

Numerous studies have suggested that playing video games can improve mental well-being and
cognitive function in individuals affected by age-related cognitive decline. However, a study published in
the National Library of Medicine demonstrates that playing video games can improve hippocampal based memory for those already experiencing age-related decline in memory(Clemenson, Stark,
Rutledge, & Stark, 2020).

The Kerhy team’s goal is to create a platform that not only generates wealth for our users through our
cognitive-stimulating P2E games, but most importantly, puts a smile on their face.


KERHY Token is a BSC token that is used to play a variety of P2E Games on the Kerhy Platform. Simultaneously, users will be rewarded with KERHY tokens when they win in a game. Other

NFT Airdrops (Hold 100,000 amount of KERHY to qualify for surprise airdrops)

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Purchasing and Selling NFTs

Kerhy NFTs can be bought directly through the store on our dApp, or through our marketplace. Buy & Sell tax applies to all NFT transactions
o NFTs may be used/spent/won in certain games
o Holders of Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale Limited Edition NFTs will enjoy exclusive benefits
Refer to KERHY Tokenomicsfor Investment Tier options and details

KERHY Tokenomics

Initial Allocation

Total Supply: 2,666,666,660 Tokens

Pool A: 35% (933,333,330) allocated to Pre-sale

[$0.005 per $KERHY]

Pool B: 40% (1,066,666,664) allocated to Public Crowdsale




Pool D (Marketing & Operations)


Private Pre-sale


Public Crowd Sale

The Roadmap

2022 Q2

2022 Q3

2022 Q3


Stage 1
Private Pre-Sale [$0.005 /$KERHY]

SUPPLY: 933,333,330 TOTAL

Stage 2
Public Crowd-Sale (Week 1) – [$0.01 /$KERHY]

SUPPLY: 1,066,666,664 TOTAL

Stage 3
Public Crowd-Sale (Week 2) – [$0.015 /$KERHY]

Stage 4
Public Crowd-Sale (Week 3) – [$0.02 /$KERHY]

Stage 5
Public Crowd-Sale (Week 4) – [$0.025 /$KERHY]

The Team: Who are we?

We are a Publicly-Traded Company

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, anonymity has become a priority to its users. However, anonymity of a crypto project’s team often deters serious investors’ participation. In order to demonstrate our integrity and commitment to the Kerhy community and the project’s long-term growth, we have decided to launch Kerhy as a productof our publicly-traded US company in the tech-service, TidyCall™Inc.
The Company (TidyCall™ Inc.) was recently acquired by China YiBai United Guarantee International Holding, Inc. (CBGH) in consideration for a controlling stake in CBGH. Upon finalization of this share exchange, TidyCall™ Inc. will be the majority shareholder of CBGH and the Company name will be changed to TidyCall™ Inc. with a new ticker symbol (TBA).
TidyCall™, founded by Willie Hsu, Andy Kuo, and Jeffrey Pai,is a mobile app that offers on-demand cleaning services under the shared economy model, similar to Uber. Unfortunately due to COVID19 and its implications on the cleaning service industry, the Company has decided to postpone its services for the time being.
Willie Hsu

Willie Hsu


Andy Kuo

Andy Kuo

Senior Software Engineer

Mohammad Afzal

Mohammad Afzal

Game Developer at KEHRY

Jeffery Pai

Jeffery Pai

Crypto Analyst & Community Manager at KERHY


The information shared in this whitepaper is not all-encompassing or comprehensive and does not in any way intend to create or put into implicit effect any elements of a contractual relationship. The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to provide potential token holders with pertinent information in order for them to thoroughly analyse the project and make an informed decision. Prior to your participation in the purchase of KERHY coins, we strongly advocate a careful study of this whitepaper all the documents associated with the same, including the contract in relation to the purchase of the same. You may even engage the services of appropriate experts to help you with investment analysis. Certain statements, estimates and financial information featured in this whitepaper are forward-looking statements that are based on and take into consideration certain known and unknown contingencies and risks which in eventuality may cause the estimated results or may differ factually and substantially from the featured estimates or results extrapolated or expressed in such forward-looking statements herewith.